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Become a Strategic Partner with YES

YES highly values the partnerships it maintains in the Boston community. Schools, youth-serving community-based organizations, and faith-based youth programs. After a positive first experience at YES, youth are likely to become more deeply involved in community opportunities that foster personal development and an engagement in the outdoors.

YES offers three main programs to its community organization and school partners in Boston:

  • Operation SnowSports: Day-long ski/snowboard trips on weekends from December to March. Ages 7-18
  • Outdoor Adventure: Day-long rock climbing/kayaking/mountain biking trips on weekdays from July to August. Ages 7-18

We look forward to hearing from you soon, and thank you for considering YES as a partner for your agency. For any questions or to sign up for a trip with YES, contact the YES Outreach Coordinator, Ethan George, at